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Our Guides
Cornelia Huber

Cornelia is a Swiss citizen and former teacher who resides in Switzerland. This avid outdoors woman, who after cycling over 5,000 miles in Italy, had the dream of forming Andiamo. She proceeded to design most of the Andiamo European tours offered. After years of leading tours she has recently stepped away from Andiamo to care for her first child, and now helps us here at Andiamo with various tour design and support. Her years of experience are invaluable to help any tour run smoothly

Michael Gomes

Mike's passion is travel. His experiences are countless and includes such exploits as being caught up in the Tinnamen Square ordeal, a journey on the Trans-Siberian Express, sailing adventures far from shore, hiking the numerous trails of the Himalayan and Andean mountain ranges, and cycling countless miles throughout Europe.

He might be found in Switzerland where he helps to expedite matters from our European office, or in California trying not to get in the way around the office. Regardless of his location, he is always available via e-mail to answer any of your travel concerns to any destination.

Sam & Deanna
Sam & Deanna Edwards


Sam and Deanna design and lead all of our California tours. They live in the Monterey Bay region with their children Tenaya and Bryce. They have led numerous cycling groups along the California Coast and through the wine regions, as well as outings in Yosemite and throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Sam's added extensive experience as a ski tour guide not only qualifies him to direct your listed tours, but he is open to entertaining any of your custom travel requests to the various Western U.S. ski areas or other desired destinations.

Marion Posch

Guide in Europe

Marion joined Andiamo in 2007 after the Torino winter Olympics. She was a three-time Olympian for the Italian national team and two-time World Champion as a snow boarder. She continues to teach and inspire boarders in the winter season.
Marion was born and raised in the Dolomiti region of Italy and her first language is Ladino, an ancient language originating from the original inhabitants of this region. Anyone who has Marion on tour will fully enjoy her attention to detail and her wonderful sense of humor; she is simply a joy to travel with.

Josko Zovic

Guide in Europe

Josko is a resident of Split Croatia and has been leading tours for more than 10 years. He has an enthusiasm for life taht is unparrelled. He joined Andiamo in 2008 and Cornelia immediately declared that he was the best guide she has ever worked with; and that is saying something. He brings a lightness of being that makes every trip he leads a true delight to be part of. I don't hink anyone could be more proud of his country and he thouroughly enjoys showing you his country and introducing you to his numerous friends that can be found throughout Croatia.

Ben Whitaker

Guide in Europe

Ben is orginally from the UK and joined Andiamo in 2012 after many years of leading groups in various parts of the world; most recently along the streams and mountains of Colorado. This multi-lingual adventurer comes to us with over 13 years of guiding experience from many parts of the world. Talented both on and off the road , Ben will make sure to put a smile on your face and bring laughter to your soul.

A current resident of The French Alps, Ben can be found on the slopes leading groups in winter and is that crazy guy you see racing his bike up the most extreme terrain in summer.

Andiamo Guide
Laura De Bernardini

Guide in Europe

Laura is a resident of Vicenza, Italy and joined Andiamo in 2013.
She has been leading groups for several years, most recently in NYC. She has a firm grasp of English, French and of course Italian.
She offers a tremendous amount of incite into the contemporary Italian way of life and an extensive knowledge of Italian history and culture. Laura's attention to detail is always appreciated and her kindness & warmth are sure to impress. We at Andiamo feel very lucky to have her back for another season.

Costanza Riccardi

Guide in Italy

This resident of Siena, Italy is a delightful walking companion who has received many compliments on her presentation and sense of humor since joining Andiamo years ago.
Costanza not only points out the various flora and fauna along the trail, but adds abundant insight into the magical Italian cultural. She leads the way through the hillsides of Tuscany as well as Amalfi and Cinque Terre.

Peter Quartarolli


If Peter looks familiar, it may be because you have seen this promising young actor on various movies and TV shows such as Nash Bridges. This SF native's family originates from Lucca, Italy, and as long as the silver screen doesn't call on him, we feel fortunate to have him as a guide. Peter is a natural host whose many talents are tremendously appreciated by Andiamo.

Drusiano Solari
Original partner
& guide

A very well-traveled individual who's a California native but may be found on any of Andiamo's tour itineraries, Dru has his masters degree in International Relations and among other exploits, has cycled over 5,000 miles throughout Europe in research of Andiamo's cycle routes in Southern Europe. He has lived and studied in Italy, Spain, South and Central America. Dru's personal anecdotes, first-hand experiences and worldly perspective are always appreciated and make him an ideal guide.

Christine Kolitzus

Guide in Europe

This Swiss resident was born to walk, and has managed to walk more of the Alps than almost anyone I have ever met. As a certified hiking guide Christine is in high demand and has led tours for several different organizations in both Switzerland and Italy. We feel lucky to have her available to lead the way. Her intimate knowledge of the Alps makes her the ideal guide to lead you through the mountains of Europe during one of our scheduled or private 2-3 day tours in Switzerland.

Hanspeter Geier
European bike guide

HP is a Swiss native, certified mountain bike instructor and owner of the River Bike Shop in Stein am Rhein. He is always ready to show you a new trick or two on the trail. He guides many of our other bike tours in Europe and offers customers great quality bikes and pricing on rentals or purchase when in Stein am Rhein.

Jesse Andrews
Guide in Italy

This Canadian resident lived in Italy for 4 years before returning to Vancouver to develop her company Italian Visits, which offers Andiamo tours and much more. During the summer months Jessie manages to lead several of our tours in Italy. Her extensive knowledge of all things Italian and love of the Italian culture makes her an ideal guide for any tour. She offers guests not only an in depth expertise but an paralleled enthusiasm for this special country.

Bonnie Redler
Sales manager

Bonnie is your primary contact for booking a tour. She is in full command of all operations and makes herself readily available to answer any questions regarding your tour needs or travel. She's a well-traveled individual who has a thorough understanding of customer concerns and expectations, which she uses to ensure you excellent service and prompt replies to any of your travel needs.

Guide Dog

Puccini is a Pugliese orphan who won the hearts of us and a wonderful group of cyclist from Denver, Colorado. She was just too adorable to refuse and Paula Bryan immediately became Puccini's designated godmother. Puccini has since pointed out her usefulness by sniffing out new trails. She's always ready to make herself available to guide your tour—a natural guide who is sure to make you laugh and give you new insight to the local wildlife.

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